19 June 2012

Sea Bass with Orange and Ginger Butter

Start with the sauce. Bring  40 cl  orange juice to the boil after adding 1 tsp of gingerpowder. Reduce and  thicken  to about 20 cl. Add 5 cl cream and boil again. Then, on a very low heat whisk in 100 gr cold butter in small cubes, one at the time. Reheat later.

Put a tomato 20 sec in boiling water then cool under the cold tap, take off the skin, remove the seeds and dice the rest

Put 1/2 a paprika under the grill till blackend. Take off the skin. Cut into strips. Wash a cucumber. Cut 5cm off, remove the skin and slice the flesh (but not the seedcore) in 'matchsticks'. Do the same with the green skin of a courgette. Put the courgette matchsticks on a shallow plate and cover with olive oil to keep crisp. Cut a thin slice of mango into matchsticks. Do the same with 1/2 red onion.

Fry the fish  (the recipe from Bernard Bach was for red mullet, but in my opInion any nice fish will do) skin side first till crisp then turn for another minute. Warm the sauce.

Plating: start with the the onion, the paprika, mango, cucumber,courgette and some coriander leaves. Fish on top, skiside up. Then some sauce, in which you sprinkle the diced tomatoes. Bit of paprika powder will add some colour.

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