6 April 2015

Basque squid stew

As Rick Stein wrote when I first saw this recipe, the original version comes from Basque fishermen. 
After catching some nice squid they used what they had on board to cook it: a can of tomatoes, some wine and onions. 

On dry land I started with cleaning 2 squid, then cut them into rings and the tentacles in bits and fried that in some oil. 

In the meantime finely cut 4 garlic cloves and 2 onions, one of them red. Fried them with the squid. 

Added a can of tomatoes, a glass of red wine and (because it was just ready) a glass of chicken stock. 

While it simmered I went into the garden for some rosemary and thyme and added lots of white pepper as well. Found a green paprika, sliced it and put it in. 

Simmered the lot for 2 hours. 

Then I came across a small fennel bulb and a stalk of celery. Sliced the fennel with the mandoline very thinly and cut the celery. In they went for just a minute, to have a crispy bite. 

Some leftover shrimps were used for decoration.