30 April 2017

Eton Mess in a jar

< Mint

< Whipped cream

< Broken meringues

< Strawberries with lemon juice


Stir well before eating to create an Eton Mess

10 April 2017

Brill, skordalia

Skordalia is Greek, a thick mash of potato and  garlic.
Pre heat the oven at 160C.

Per person: 1 potato, 1 clove of garlic (but I used 2 cloves pp).
Use the point of a big kitchen knife to mix the garlic with some coarse sea salt. Then press and press and press to turn into a paste.
Boil the potatoes.

Fry the fish in butter for 2 mins on its white skin.
Turn and put in the oven for 12 mins.

 Drain the potatoes. Add garlic, milk, the juice of half a lemon and a gluck of olive oil and mash.

One can serve it with a nice salad or roasted vegetables. If so inclined. But around the Mediterranean a potato is seen as a vegetable, so...

Gambas, avocado, green Thai curry

Boil 100 gr frozen peas for 4 mins. Drain. Add half a tbsp green curry paste and 125 ml coconut milk. When warm and dissolved use a blender to make into a thick sauce. Taste. Add some more curry paste if you want it spicier. Add some water if it's too thick.

Cut a ripe avocado in two, twist, open and take out the pit. Take out the pulp with a spoon.
Cut into slices

Oil 12 gambas and fry in a dry pan, max 2 mins on each side.

Serve as shown with some basil leaves.

Red snapper, sherry sauce

Peel an orange very, very thinly. Use a quarter for the sauce. Cut the rest into thin strips.
Bring 250 ml fish stock and 250 ml sherry to the boil with some thyme. Add the zest of 1/4 orange. Reduce 50%.
Cut long, pointed paprikas (red, orange and yellow) in rings and boil softly in some sherry.
Peel white asparagus and boil them for 15 mins. After 10 mins add green asparagus.
Take the orange zest and thyme from the sauce. Add some cream and bring to the boil again.
Then whisk in about 50 gr of butter, bit by bit
Boil the samphire for 3 mins. Drain.
Lightly oil the fish and fry in a dry pan for 4 mins. Turn around and fry for 1 more min.
Serve as shown.

PS As you can see I forgot to use the orange strips. Oops...