30 September 2018

Green asparagus, mimosa

I wanted a starter but did not want to go shopping. Took some leftover asparagus from the fridge and remembered this recipe from a small French bistro. Simple, with some good olive oil and sea salt.

18 September 2018

Chocolate ice-cream, raspberries

From top to bottom:

Whipped cream
Raspberry coulis
Chocolat icecream

Jacket potato, blue cheese, spinach

Pre heat the oven at 220C. Boil 2 big potatoes for 15 mins, then lightly cover them with olive oil, sprinkle some sea salt over them and transfer into the oven. You can take them out after 20 minutes, cut them in two and scoop out the contents.

Divide 20 gr butter over the inside of the empty skins, followed by  a pinch of sea salt over  and put back in the oven for 8 mins.

Roast some leftover nuts in a DRY pan.

Mash the potato and mix with 70 gr blue cheese, 40 gr butter and some cream .
Stir fry 200 gr spinach in 20 gr butter and squeeze out the liquid. Stir trough the potato mix.

Take the skins from the oven and fill with the potato mix. Put back in the oven to colour. Serve with the roasted nuts. One pp as a starter, two pp as a main

( My interpretation of an Ottolenghi recipe)

16 September 2018

Braised beef cheek

If you have to economise at the end of the month this is not hardship, your butcher will ask about 9 euro per kilo and it is delicious.

Cover a 400 grs beef or veal cheek lightly with oil, some salt and pepper and grill them till nicely browned.

Melt 30 gr butter and sweat a diced shallot and 4 mushrooms. Add 3/4 liter of beet juice, 1/4 liter of beefstock, 150 ml red wine and some thyme. Then slowly braise the cheek in it for 4 and possibly 5 hours.

Take out the meat and keep warm and discard the rest and reduce the liquid till you have a nice thick sauce.

Fry some shiitake and other mushrooms in some butter.

Serve with nice salad leaves

(Recipe by Aussi chef Shannon Bennett)

Portobello, poached egg on brioche

Cut 2 portobellos in 1 cm thick slices and mix them with 1 clove of garlic, 3 tbsp olive oil, 1/4 tsp cinnamon, 1/2 tsp sea salt and pepper from the mill.

Preheat the oven at 220C

Mix 2 tbsp olive oil with another 1/4 tsp cinnamon, 1 garlic clove, 1/8 tsp chili flakes and 1/4 tsp sea salt. Cut 2 thick slices of brioche and cover them with this mix.

Bake the mushrooms in the oven for about 13 minutes, after 7 minutes put the bread in to toast.

Poach the eggs and serve with basil leaves and a spoonful of sour cream.

(recipe by Ottolenghi)

15 September 2018

Tofu, haricots verts, chraimeh sauce

Before you cook the beans and panfry the tofu this wonderful Libian sauce has to be prepared.

Roast 1 tbsp caraway seeds in a dry pan and use a mortar and pestle to pulverise. Then cut 6 cloves of garlic very finely. Mix caraway and garlic with 2 tsp ground cumin, 1/2 tsp ground cinnamon and fry in 2 tbsp sunflower oil for a minute. Then add 3 tbsp tomato paste, 2 tsp sugar, 3/4 tsp salt and the juice of a lime. Stir. Add 250 cl hot water and keep stirring for 2 mins to bind the sauce. I used some cornstarch to make it even thicker.

At the end mix beans and tofu  with the sauce and 15 grs of coriander. Serve with lime (which I did not have)

(Recipe by Ottolenghi)

14 September 2018

Jacket potato tonnato sauce

Scrub and boil 2 big potatoes for 15 minutes. Preheat the oven at 220C.

Dry the potatoes, lightly oil them with olive oil en sprinkle some sea salt over them before putting them in the oven for 25 minutes.

In the meantime mix the contents of a 145 gr can of tuna, with 50 ml unsweetened mayo, 1 clove of garlic,  20 cl milk, 10 gr capers, 20 gr of parsley, 2 tbsp lemon juice and 2 anchovies in your blender.

5 mins before the potatoes are ready it's time to boil 2 eggs for 5 mins.

Cut the hot potatoes almost in two, sprinkle some salt flakes inside and stuff them: first with some more tuna from a 2nd tin, then the tuna sauce and finish with the runny eggs, more capers and parsley.

My interpretation of an Ottolenghi recipe

12 September 2018

Sea trout, macadamia/parsley butter

Roast100 grams raw macadamia nuts in a dry pan. Mix in the kitchen machine half with some flatleaf parsley, 70 gr soft, salty butter, the juice of half a lemon.

Clean the machine and mix the other half of the nuts with parsley, coriander, dill, the rest of the lemon juice and 4 tbsp olive oil into a smooth pesto.

Pre heat the oven at 200C.

Cover 4 sea trout filets, skin side down, with the butter mix
In the oven they will be ready in about 15 minutes

Serve as a starter with the pesto and lemon slices.

As a main you can add sugar snaps and roasted potatoes

(Recipe: Shannon Bennet)

4 September 2018

Gratinated mussels with garlic&herb butter

Pre heat the grill. Wash 1 kg mussels. Then bring a cup of water to the boil, add the mussels and cook for 6 mins. Open the mussels and discard the top shell. Spread the remaining shells in a baking tray. Use a disposable piping bag to put a cm of the  125 gr garlic&herb butter on each mussel. Finally spread 120 gr of grated Emmentaler cheese over the mussels.

Under the hot grill for 5 minutes. serves with fries or crispy bread

(recipe Viva Magazine)

1 September 2018

Italian sashimi

Slice red bass fillet and cover with the juice of a lemon. Leave alone for 10 minutes, so the juice can cook the fish. In the meantime quarter cherry tomatoes and get some small basil leaves. Finish with pepper and salt and some good quality olive oil.

(A Jamie Oliver recipe)