18 September 2018

Jacket potato, blue cheese, spinach

Pre heat the oven at 220C. Boil 2 big potatoes for 15 mins, then lightly cover them with olive oil, sprinkle some sea salt over them and transfer into the oven. You can take them out after 20 minutes, cut them in two and scoop out the contents.

Divide 20 gr butter over the inside of the empty skins, followed by  a pinch of sea salt over  and put back in the oven for 8 mins.

Roast some leftover nuts in a DRY pan.

Mash the potato and mix with 70 gr blue cheese, 40 gr butter and some cream .
Stir fry 200 gr spinach in 20 gr butter and squeeze out the liquid. Stir trough the potato mix.

Take the skins from the oven and fill with the potato mix. Put back in the oven to colour. Serve with the roasted nuts. One pp as a starter, two pp as a main

( My interpretation of an Ottolenghi recipe)

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