26 December 2012

Monkfish stuffed with sage and cranberries, red wine sauce

Start with reducing 1/4 bottle of red wine till most of it has evaporated and the rest is almost siropy. Add 1/4 liter of beefstock and reduce again. Soak some dried cranberries in a cup of hot water. Fry a couple of sage leaves in some hot oil till crispy.
In the meantime use a very sharp and thin knife to cut a small pocket in the monkfish filets.
Use a chopstick to fill the pockets with the soaked berries and the sage.
Fry the fish in oil and some butter.

Lobster, asparagus, mayo, ginger/lemon jelly

Recipe asap

13 December 2012

Cedo"s sweetbread

Years ago we loved to go to Konoba, a small then Yugoslavian (now it would be Croatian) restaurant run by chef Cedo and with Neven as front of house. There was no menu. You had to go into the tiny kitchen where Cedo let you inspect his pots and fridge, all the while explaining what he could do. His sweetbread was legendary. So when I could buy some yesterday I posted a message on his Facebook page and he emailed this recipe from Croatia:

'Zwezerik moet zijn uit omgeving van het hart...dan is hij wat rond...op en diepe bord zeten en dan  flinke gewicht erop...bijvoorbeld smale pan met water...dit laten in koelkast overnachten bedekt met plastiek folie...

andere dag...pan water met wat zout...als water kokend is afgedroogde zwezerik dompelen en laten 2 min schriken...uit halen en dan onder de stromend water laten afkoelen...vervolgens met klein mes vliesjes en restjes van vet eraf snijden...neem scherp mes in je hand en zwezerik vorzichtig snijden in dunne plakjes...op en bord plat laten ligen...zout en peper er op bijde kanten...

voorbereiding...drie diepe borden...en met bloem tweede met opgekloetse ei...en laatste met paneermeel...

inhoud van de tweede bord...en of twee opgekloetste eireen...fijn gesniperde knoflook...fijn gesniperde rosemarijn...zout en peper...

zwezerik door bloem wentelen...dan door eieren mengsel...en dan door paneer meel...

kort bruin baken...en op de keukenpapier, welke ligt op en warme bord bakvet uit korst van zwezerik laten opzuigen...

opdienen met zeer dun sneetje citroen, zonder schil, op elk plakje zwezerik...

voor het eten even met de plate kant van vork citroen zacht opdruken...
om de smaak van de zwezerik voledig tot je laten komen raad erbij aleen rucola zonder dressig te eten...
noot...rest van bloem, eieren en kruimels samen voegen dan met paar drupels olijfolie samen kneden en en plate panenkoek maken...baken aan twee kanten snijden in zeer dune repjes...en bij rucola toevoegen...'

Salmon, eggwhite, beetroot and horseradish snow

Inspired by Bruno Loubet, but  I used smoked instead of cured salmon. Very simple. Boil an egg, discard the yolk and cut the white in dices. Do the same with beetroot. Bruno suggested fresh horseradish, which I could not buy, so I grated some black radish on top. Drizzle some olive oil and lemon juice over it. I decorated with dill amd pink peppercorns.

10 December 2012

Porc tenderloin with sage and garlic

Start with finely slicing 6 leaves of sage and 1 clove of garlic. Heat a glug of olive-oil and fry first the garlic and then the sage till crisp. Dry on kitchenpaper. Repeat with some small sage leaves (to be used for decoration).
Heat the oven at 180 C.
Cut the meat open and fill with garlic and sage. Bind with kitchen rope.
Prepare the veggies. Shred some Savoye cabbage. De-core an apple and cut into 3 mm thick slices. Cut about 100 gr pumpkin into 1 cm cubes.
Brown the tenderloin in some oil and butter, for 6 mins.
Cook the pumpkin with some salt and pepper in liquid cream, till soft
Fry 2 slices of Spanish ham in a dry pan till crisp.

After 6 mins put the meat in the oven for another 15 mins.
Boil 1 liter of water the add the cabbage for max 4 mins.
In the meantime keep the fat of the meat hot and add 20 cl madera or marsala. Stir to clean the bottom.       
The moment the wine has almost evaporated     
add some cream and stir on a medium flame
till you have a nice thick sauce.
Drain the cabbage.
Fry the apple quickly in some butter.
Use the blender on the pumpkin.
Cut the meat into thick slices

Plate as shown.
Decorate with the crisp sage.

5 December 2012

Pasta, mushrooms, Serano

The fun started already early in the morning, at the weekly market. We met the guy who picks mushrooms in the woods. If there are any. Nicely presented on dried ferns. First one had to be patient while he is advising other customers. No problem as in the meantime you can study what's on offer and think about possible recipes. Ceps with a runny omelet? Or papardelle with a creamy sauce with crisp Spanish ham. Or... Before you know it its your turn and others have to wait as the lesson starts all over. The name in Latin. Where he found them. How to clean them. The best way for preparation. A couple of recipes.Ending with the transaction. Always way to cheap in my eyes compared to the commercial mushrooms in the supermarket.

Anyway, start with bringing 2 liter water to the boil for the pasta.
Slice 2 garlic cloves finely. Slice the mushrooms.
Put 25 gr butter in a frying pan. When the butter starts foaming chuck in the garlic and mushrooms till nicely browned.
Put 2 sliced of Serano ham in a second , dry, frying pan
Pour a cup of chicken stock with the mushrooms  When the chicken stock is reduced to half add 200 ml cream
Put a handfull of pasta in the boiling water, cook as long as the packet says.
Turn the ham in time
When the mushroom sauce is nice and thick add some parsley and some grated parmesan cheese. Turn off the heat under the sauce.
Drain the pasta.
Serve as shown. A real autumn treat. The hard work being done by the man from the market, but you'll get the credits.