12 June 2019

Pasta vongole

For 2 pers we need 500 gr vongole, 150 gr fresh pasta, parsley, a red chilipepper, 2 cloves of garlic and 120 ml white wine.
Wash the vongole. Finely cut the stems of the parsley and the garlic. Remove the seeds of the pepper and cut into matchsticks. Sweat garlic, parsley stems and pepper for 5 mins in some olive oil.
Boil the pasta till al dente.
Add the vongole to the garlic mix and add the white wine. Cover and boil for 4 mins.
Cut the parsley leaves.
Add the drained pasta and parsley leaves to the shells, stir and serve (with a glug of good quality olive oil).

20 May 2019

Egg Benedict

Ham, baby spinach, poached egg and sauce Hollandaise (click on 'sauce' label)

11 May 2019

Hollandaise sauce

Here served with asparagus (al dente, cooked for 9 mins) and fillets of flatfish)

Step 1: melt 125g butter in a saucepan and skim any white solids from the surface. Keep the butter warm. 

Step 2: put 3 egg yolks, 1½ tbsp white wine, 1 tbsp tarragon vinegar, a pinch of salt and in a metal or glass bowl that will fit over a small pan with barely simmering hot water.
Whisk for a few mins,  whisk continuously until pale and thick, about 3-5 mins.

Step 3: kill  the heat and slowly whisk in the melted butter, bit by bit until it’s all incorporated and you have a creamy hollandaise. 

(If it gets too thick, add a splash of water.)

Step 4: season with a squeeze of lemon juice and a little cayenne pepper. Keep warm until needed.
Tip from John Ash: No matter how skilled you are in the kitchen, emulsion sauces like hollandaise sometimes “break,” or separate. If this happens, you can try to correct it by whisking in a teaspoon or two of boiling water, a drop at a time. If that doesn’t work, put another egg yolk in a bowl and very slowly whisk in the broken sauce. Usually, the sauce will come back together with one of these methods.

3 May 2019

Asparagus, Serano ham, poached egg

Start with the dressing: 50 ml olive oil, one and a half tsp honey, 10 ml white wine vinegar and 25 gr wholegrain mustard.

Boil 4 asparagus spears pp, for 4 minutes
Poach 1 egg pp (I'm not very good at it)
Serve as shown with thinly slices Serano ham

(Recipe by Matthew Tomkinson on Great British Chefs)

20 April 2019

Oxtail and celeriac 'lasagne' with baby spinach and horseradish cream

Lightly flour the pieces of an oxtail. Place a pan over a high heat and add olive oil. Once the pan is scorching hot, add the floured oxtail. Cook until evenly browned all over. Remove from the pan and place on absorbent kitchen towel.

Add 200 ml red wine and allow to reduce by half. Add 800 ml beef stock and the oxtail pieces. Bring to a gentle simmer, cover and cook until very tender. This should take 3-4 hours

Once braised, remove the meat from the liquid and allow to cool. Pass the liquid through a fine sieve and then return to a pan over a high heat. Reduce until you have a thick, gravy like consistency 

Reduce the heat slightly to medium and add a dash of fresh olive oil.  Cut 2 large carrots into small cubes, slice 1/2 a cely stick, 1/2 an onion, 1 leek , 1/2 a bulb of garlic. Add 4 sprigs of thyme. and the vegetables to the pan. Cook gently until soft and then stir through a tbsp tomato purée and some flour

Pick the meat from the bones and moisten in the reduced sauce. Season to taste.

Thinly slice half a celeriac into 12 thin sheets, using a mandoline, cut into large circles and blanch in boiling, salted water for 2 minutes. Refresh in ice water

Dice the remaining celeriac and boil in salted water until tender, place in a food processor with 100 ml double cream and 1/2 tsp nutmeg and blend into a smooth purée. 

In a pan over a medium heat, sauté 500 g baby spinach in a knob of  butter until tender, season and keep warm

In a large bowl, mix 100 ml double cream with 2 tbsp  grated horseradish and add a pinch of salt and sugar. Use a hand whisk to whip until thick.

In a small bowl layer up the spinach, celeriac disc, celeriac purée, celeriac disc, braised oxtail and a celerica disc as if making a lasagne. Top with a spoon of the horseradish cream and a few chopped chives. Serve immediately

Next time i'll make a better picture,

Recipe from Matthew Tomkinson on Great British Chefs