9 June 2012

Roast chicken for 3 days

In the past few weeks we read several times about  the recipe for roast chicken from Thomas Kellers. When  Felicity Cloak mentioned it again in the Guardian, where she always compares '5 ways to cook the perfect .....' I decided to try it myself. The main idea is to use a very hot oven and no liquid. At all.

So I rinsed the chicken inside and out. Dried it with kitchen paper. Trussed tightly with kitchen twine (important) . Waited till the oven was 230C. Added salt and pepper, put it in the oven for 40 mins and waited.
Took it out and let it rest for 15 mins
Felicity was a bit disappointed that, although the skin was indeed very crisp, the meat was a bit dry. Well this one was perfect. I put some thyme on it and served the breasts with the juices, a bit of butter, some mustard and a simple salad. Delicious.

But that is not the end of it. We still have the thighs for another meal. And the carcass, still full of juicy bits. Which we used for fajitas:

  Last but not least we used the carcass to
  make a rich chicken stock.
  Reduced it and used an icecube form to freeze
  for later use.            
        So the one chicken gives you 3 lovely 
  meals and homemade chickenstock
  for sauces

Instead of fajitas you can make nems:
Before using the carcass to make stock, take off all the meat. Cut the meat finely. Cut the white of a lemongrass finely, grate a tsp ginger. Mix with a teaspoon of soy-sauce, tsp of oystersauce, tsp of castersugar with a tbsp white wine vinegar. Marinate the meat in it for half a day or longer. Divide a celery stalk in 4 cm parts and cut these lengthwise  finely in strips. Do the same with a piece of paprika (bell pepper). At dinnertime mix the meat with the veggies. Dip a sheet of rice'paper' in hot (not boiling water. Dripdry. Put some coriander leaves on it. Wet a second sheet and use it to cover the first. Put 2 tbsp of the meatmix on one half of the ricepaper.Roll it as tight as possible for a bit. Then fold the sides inwards and continue rolling.
Boil some water and get a bamboo steaming basket. Steam for about 5 mins. Serve with sweet&sour chili sauce.

And finally we had the thighs with some
spicy nasi goreng. I'm sure yo can Google that recipe.


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