4 June 2012

Porc fillet, polenta,ratatouille, broadbeans, tomatoes confit

If you have finished a nice beefstew there often is some very tasty thick liquid left in the pot.

Which we decided to use as a sauce. In the fridge were some ratatouille, broadbeans and haricots verts left and we also had some tomatoes. We only had to buy a porc fillet and could start cooking.

If you like it: put the oven on 80C. Boil some water and drop 2 tomatoes in for 30 seconds. Get them out with a slotted spoon (keep the water) and hold them under cold running water to stop cooking. Remove the skin and cut into 4 parts. Remove the seeds. Put in a small oven dish, sprinle with sea salt and thyme leaves, Add olive oil till almost covered and 2 garlic cloves (in their skin). Put in the oven for 3 hours. 

Bring 4 small  cups of water to the boil and put in a small cup (it will increase in volume!) of polenta. Keep stirring on a low heat for about 3-4 mins. Pour into a shallow plate and see how it swells up while it cools.

Go and find something else to do.

After 150 mins. shell the broadbeans.
Cut the polenta into 'fishfingers'. 
Fry the fillet in some oil and a dash of butter till nice and brown on all sides, turn down the heat and let them cook for about 20 mins. The inside should not be raw, but can stay pink.
After 10 mins add 1 or 2 polenta fingers to brown

Boil the tomato water again and cook the haricots verts for 5 mins. After 4 mins add the broadbeans.
Warm the left over stew-liquid (and ratatouille if you have some).

Let the meat rest a bit and cut the fillet in 4 parts.
Serve as shown above. The oil from the tomatoes is now garlicky, so keep in a jar for later use

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