10 June 2017

Smoked mackerel paté (in a Melba beach chair)

Cut 200 gr smoked mackerel as fine as possible. Mix it with 50 gr cream cheese, 30 gr sour cream, the juice of 1/2 the lime lime and 2 tsp dill. Put in the fridge.

Toast bread on 2 sides. Use a pointed sharp knife to slide the bread carefully and horizontally through the middle, into that thin strip of uncooked bread, cut the crusts off and then cut into strips. Place the untoasted sides back under the grill and make sure you keep an eye on the them, they will toast and curl quite quickly

Take the mackerel pâté out from the fridge and spoon a healthy dollop on the ends of each Melba slice. Add some cranberry compote on top and then a pinch of sliced sushi ginger. Finish with chervil or bean sprouts

PS Next time I'll use small cubes of beetroot instead of the  cranberry.                                                            

Recipe Food Urchin, Great British Chefs

photo: Busy at the beach

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