4 June 2017

Dukkah-crusted salmon

Dukkah is a North-african mix of nuts and spices. Easy to make at home.

Mix 75gr hazelnuts, 150 gr almonds, 2 tbsp cumin seeds, 1 tbsp coriander seeds, 1,5 tsp fennel seeds and 2 tsp black  sesame seeds. Toast them in a dry hot pan till you can smell them, but do not burn.
Add a tsp sea salt and put the lot in the kichenmachine. Not too long or you'll end up with nutty butter.
Add 75 gr cooked bulgur and keep in a soup dish.

Then make a salad dressing of 40 ml lime juice, 60 ml olive oil, a pressed garlic clove and rings of a green pepper.

Instead of making a salad from just small (Lebanon) cucumbers and coriander leaves I added some leftover haricots verts and sugar snaps.

Beat 1 egg and put it in a soup dish.

Heat a frying pan with some oil. Turn down the heat.
Take the salmon fillets one by one and roll them trough the egg, then trough the spices and put them in the frying pan.
Bake each side for 2 mins, so 8 mins in total too keep the inside nice and pink.
Plate and decorate with bean sprouts.

(Inspiration Donna Hay)

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