6 May 2017

Scallop, mousseline, jus de veau

Making this dish I remembered my lovely wife putting food on the table, muttering "Enjoy it, this will be the last day in my life I will cook!'. We did not believe her, but the next day the kids and I learned she was dead serious. I had to gather recipes and shop and start cooking the rest of my life. At one point I kindly asked here where I could find veal stock in the larder. Her answer: "If you did not make it yesterday there isn't any!'. Right. Years later, earlier this week, she surprised me by ordering fantastic veal stock, or Jus de Veau, from www.joostenpaul.nl. I decided to use this excellent product for the firs time with scallops.

First I made the mash and by adding lots of butter and milk turned it into a smoot mousseline. Then I cut a piece of leek into small strips and sweated them in butter. The Jus de Veau was easy as I only had to warm it up.

Then fried some good Serano ham in a dry pan, then using the same pan to fry the scallops.


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