26 May 2017

Oriental salmon, avocado, seaweed

Boil some rice. In the meantime remove the skin of the salmon filets if the fishmonger hasn't done that. If he did, but left the grey fat remove that with a sharp knife. Oil the filets and fry in a (dry but very hot) pan for just 1 min on each side. Turn off the heat and pour some ketjap or soy sauce on the fish. Shake and turn the filets quickly till covered with sauce. Then transfer them to a cutting board.

     Time to cut the avocado into cubes, dribble with lemon juice to avoid them turning brown.
Open a pot of Japanese Sushi ginger and use a tea sieve to catch the liquid.
      Mix 1 tbsp black sesame seed with 1 tsp of chili flakes and 1 tsp of coarse sea salt.

Start plating with the rice. Cut the salmon. Finish with the avocado, sea weed and ginger. Sprinkle with the sesame mix and spoon over the ginger liquid.

Inspiration: Donna Hay

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