2 May 2017

Beef tataki

Don't try this at home -if you prefer your meat well done (or being vegan).

My butcher did not have any ribeye left so I was seduced to buy 300 gr of tenderloin.

At home I left it at room temperature and started with the dressing by reducing 50 ml gin (I did not have sake), 50 ml of Mirin and 50 ml of soy sauce till I had about 60% left. Let it cool down and added a good tbsp of lime juice.
 Next came grating some fresh ginger (to have 1 tbsp).
 Then cutting 4 radishes into matchsticks.

I panfried the beef about 1 min on each (of the 4) side and added some soy sauce before taking it of the gas. Rolled the beef in tinfoil to let it rest and avoid a (sorry!) bloody plate later on.

Toasted some sesame seeds.

Start plating with some taugé. Cut the beef and add. Follow by the radishes and various sprouts (I used broccoli and radish). Divide the grated ginger, sesame seeds and finally some coriander

(Inspired by Donna Hay)

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