22 February 2015

Panfried red mullet, fennel and crab mayo

I found these beautiful Gien plates this morning, asking for seafood. Sardines! Out of season, so I scoured the freezer (red mullet!) and the larder (a fennel bulb!) and remembered a recipe from ateliersdeschefs.co.uk and looked it up. Found the required tin of crab meat and started. Mixed the crab with some mayo and parsley and put it in the fridge. Then made the sauce with lemon juice and olive oil. A matter of tasting, not too oily, not to acid.  Still not satisfied I reduced some orange juice till sirupy, let it cool and added that. Perfect.
Then used the mandoline to slice a funnel bulb wafer thin. Marinated the fennel in some of the sauce.
Added chopped chives to the rest of the sauce and panfried the mullet in a slightly oiled pan.
Served as shown. Looking good and simple!

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