8 February 2015

Escargots, mushrooms

The freezer still had half a packet of escargots in their shells, with garlic butter. But I still had some mushrooms I had to use before they would go off. So this was my idea for a nice starter. As the garlic butter in the shells would not be enough for dipping enough crunchy bread in it I started with cutting half a shallot very finely and did the same with 3 cloves of garlic, which I sweated in 50 gr of salted butter. In the meantime I started on the last of the parsley, cut it till I had about 4 tbsps. Mixed it with the garlic/shallot butter, off the heat. Then took out the defrosted snails from their shells with a toothpick, incl the garlic butter and added them to my mixture.
Cleaned the mushrooms and took out the stems and fried the hoods.
Then heated up the snails and hoisted them into the upturned mushrooms. Added a red pepper for colour and served with fresh crusty bread. The empty shells were just decoration.

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