1 August 2012

Our version of Pytt i Panna

Apart from Macaroni Ketjap I once in a while I crave this dish from Sweden, discovered when we visited an IKEA for the very first time. In Goteborg. But then with their famous meatballs and without the mayo. Here we go. The beetroot takes the longest : boil for 50 mins. In the meantime peel a big potato and cut into small cubes. Boil water and cook the cubes for just over 4 mins. Fry the sausage. Chop an onion. Fry the potato cubes in duckfat, but add some butter to get a better colour. Fry 2 eggs. Peel and dice the beetroot.
Plate and add a nice dollop of Hellman's mayonaise.
Not shown: at the table I cut the sausage in small pieces, then mix everything thoroughly, so everything is covered in eggyolk, mayo or both. Disgusting but... delicious!  

Look at that mayo.....

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