4 March 2017

Ravioli of celeriac and goat's cheese

Buy some young, soft goat's cheese. To make it even smoother mix it with cream. Then add a bit of runny honey, very small dices of a celery stick, some spring onion and chives.

Then peel a celeriac and slice it very thin, 1-2 mm.
Boil the celeriac 4-5 mins till soft

Dressing: whole grain mustard, white wine vinegar, spoonful of orange juice, splash of walnut oil en a good quality olive oil.

Roast some hazelnuts.

Put 1 celeriac circle on a plate, add a spoonful of the cheese mix, cover with celeriac.
Finish with the dressing and  some extra celery and spring onion to have some colour.

Inspiration: Lionel Creteur, restaurant Racine, Golfclub Pallanne, Tillac (SW France)

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