13 October 2014

Leeks, chicken liver, Brie

Whenever we are in a French supermarket we buy a package of chicken liver confit, meaning they have been slow-cooked in duck fat. We only have to heat them up. At the same time we soften, in butter,  the white of 4 big leeks, cut into rings. A round baking tin is covered with store-bought puff pastry to be pre-baked for 10 mins in a 180 C oven. The result is filled with the softened leeks, chicken livers are put on top and last but not least slices of good Brie are covering it. Then beat 3 eegs with 20 cl creme fraiche and some black pepper. Pour the mixture in the quiche. Bake for another 30, 35 mins till golden brown:

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