5 January 2013

Asparagus, pear, sorrel

This Alain Passard recipe asked for white asparagus and red sorrel, which I didnot have.
So I blanched green asparagus for just under 3 mins and rinsed them under cold water to stop the cooking. Heated 30 grs salterd butter. Dried the asparagus and put them in the butter when it started to foam. Cut a nice pear in 8 parts (leaving the skin on) and added these segments to the asparagus. Turned everything a few times, 5 to 6 mins in total. At the last minute added the shredded sorrel. Plated, keeping the butter in the pan..
Mixed the juice of 1/2 lemon with the butter and poured the sauce over the plates, with some seasalt and black pepper.

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