27 April 2012

Baby artichokes, spaghetti, basil oil, garlic chips, feta and parmesan

Eggsize Romanesco artichokes: 5
Spaghetti: we use about 50 grams
Feta: 15 small cubes pp
Parmesan: just some shavings
Garlic: 5 or 6 cloves
For the basil oil: bunch of basil, 1 garlic clove, seasalt, good quality olive oil like Hojiblanca by Valderrama

Start with the artichokes:

Take off the outer leaves
Cut off the upper halve
Slice in two
Remove the hay
Cook for about 15 or 20 minutes till soft

In the meantime slice the garlic in very thin '' chips' and fry them in a little cooking oil till brown and crisp.
Dry them on kitchen paper

Then use a blender to mix the basil, garlic clove, pinch of salt and olive oil

Cut the feta cheese in 6x6 mm cubes and shave some parmesan

When the artichokes are soft enough, take them out of the pan and dry them on kitchenpaper.
Add water to the pan and cook the spaghetti
Transfer the artichokes to a very hot griddlepan till nicely browned.

Put the pasta on 2 plates, divide artichokes and feta over it
Sprinkle garlic chips over it and then the parmesan shavings.
Then drizzle some basil-oil over your creation
The remaining basil-oil can be kept in a lidded jar in the fridge for a day or 10

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  1. bravo, dit woordt een leuke ervaring in bijzonder voor mij...