29 May 2017

Gamba wrapped in rettich

The problem with rettich is that they are so big. The other day I used 5 cm and was stuck with the rest.
Today I thought of this solution and cut off another 12 cm. Peeled it and used the mandoline to make very thin slices. Put them in boiling water for 90 sec. to make them soft.

Fried some leftover gamba's from the freezer.

Wanted to use basil but didn't have any so used the blender and mesclun salad (plus some olive oil and salt) to make the green dressing that would go nicely with the mango.

The cut offs from the mango were used to make mango mayo (just some Hellmans mayo with the mango and a stick blender).

I made a cross of two rettich slices, put a gamba in the middle, a teaspoon of mangomayo on top and folded into a square little package. Bob's your uncle and he would love it.

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