6 March 2016

Pumpkin, cod, mushroom

Start with the pumpkin. Peel, remove seeds and cut into 1 cm cubes. I used 750gr. Sweat in some olive oil. Add salt and pepper, 2 spoonfuls of tandoori paste, half a spoon of curry powder and the grated zest of a lemon and stir. Add 250 cl chicken stock and softly boil 8 to 10 mins till  cooked. Drain the liquid (but keep it).  Use a blender to create a thick sauce (if necessary add some of the stock).
Season the fish (I used the Norwegian nephew of cod, called skrei) and very lightly cover with oil, then fry in a dry pan, skin side down, till nicely browned.
In the meantime cut 4 mushrooms into small pieces. Mix 1 tablespoon mayonaise, with some milk, sushi vinegar and some wasabi. Cover the mushrooms with in.

Turn the fish till cooked.

Put 1 heaped tbsp of sauce on each plate (and freeze the rest), Then the fish (skin side up), followed by the mushroom and some rucola (or other green leafs) for color.

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