15 October 2014

Squid on a stick (with fennel)

For 2 persons you need:
Squid: 3 bigger ones
Fennelbulb: 1
Star anise: 2
Coriander seeds: a tablespoon
Mint: 2 sprigs
Lemon: 1
Olive oil

Start with cleaning the squid: look here for a video:

Then cut  trough the 'sac' as shown

Next step is preparing the fennel:Remove the green top of the fennel bulb(s), cut in halves, remove the tough heart and finally cut both halves in 4 wedges: Then heat some oil in a griddle pan, add 2 star anise and  a tsp coriander seeds and finally the fennel:

When nicely browned transfer them to a plate and add some more oil, lemon juice and shredded mint, to marinate for 1 hour:

Finally grill the squid in the same griddle pan, till nicely brown and soft, this will take about 5 minutes. 

Cut the squid in pieces, take the fennel apart and alternate them on a stick.
Warm them up and serve with lemon or lines

Today I had this leftover pepper shaped paprika, for some colour 

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