3 February 2013

Pollock 2 ways (or rather 3)

Our fishmonger offered some beautiful thick lieu noir. Or pollock in English, koolvis in Dutch.
As it is not well known and so not very popular it mostly ends up in factories to make.... fishfingers.
Cheap too, I only paid € 4,50 for 700 grs. Rick Stein offered the recipe.
I boiled 3 potatoes. In the meantime started the sauce: 100 cl homemade chickenstock and 3 tbsp soysauce.
Cut the fish into 6 portions of 2 cm thick, 4 for now, 2 for later. The first two went under the grill for 8 mins, with just some salt, pepper and butter on top.
Two others were covered in flour, then egg and finally in breadcrumbs and fried for 4 mins in archaide oil, at 170 C.
In the meantime the potatoes were mixed with some butter, cream and a sliced spring onion to make a lovely mash.
The sauce was finished by whisking 25 gr icecold butter into it. Then I added some tomato and coriander. Very nice and... only €2 pp

PS You are right. I had 150 gr left. Ideal for some nice fishcakes the next day:

So I boiled another potato. When that  was done I added some parsley stems to 
the potato water and a bayleaf. Brought it back to a simmer and added the rest of
the fish. Which was cooked after 5 mins. Mashed the potato and shredded the fish.
Mixed the lot with half a finely cut red onion, tomato and coriander that 
were also left over and half an egg.The mix went into the fridge The next day I made 2 patties, lightly covered  with flour and fried in some oil. By cutting
3 small gurkins very finely and adding them to Hellmans mayo, with a tbsp of
capers a sauce for a perfect starter was made.


  1. Lovely recipes! But no one would know what saithe is -- we'd call it pollock.

    1. Thank you, we are not English. Feel free to correct other mistakes