7 January 2013


Start with the sauce: sweat a finely sliced shallot in a some butter. Add 200 ml Noilly Prat and reduce. Then add 150 ml dessert wine and reduce. When all but a few spoonfuls are left remove the shallot and add 150 ml cream and some safran. reduce again till a nice sauce is the result.
Now use a sharp knife to cut half a leek into matchsize pieces. Sweat them in some butter.
In a dry pan fry a slice of Spanish ham till crisp. Dry on kitchempaper and crumble.
Then boil some balsamico in a small saucepan, add some runny honey, reduce.
Finally fry the scallops, a minute per side/

                                      Use a brush to make a balsamic/honey                           
                                      smear on  
                                      each plate
                                      Then arrange the leeks and scallops.                 
                                      Some sauce                         
                                      over it and finally the bacon crumbs

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