5 December 2012

Pasta, mushrooms, Serano

The fun started already early in the morning, at the weekly market. We met the guy who picks mushrooms in the woods. If there are any. Nicely presented on dried ferns. First one had to be patient while he is advising other customers. No problem as in the meantime you can study what's on offer and think about possible recipes. Ceps with a runny omelet? Or papardelle with a creamy sauce with crisp Spanish ham. Or... Before you know it its your turn and others have to wait as the lesson starts all over. The name in Latin. Where he found them. How to clean them. The best way for preparation. A couple of recipes.Ending with the transaction. Always way to cheap in my eyes compared to the commercial mushrooms in the supermarket.

Anyway, start with bringing 2 liter water to the boil for the pasta.
Slice 2 garlic cloves finely. Slice the mushrooms.
Put 25 gr butter in a frying pan. When the butter starts foaming chuck in the garlic and mushrooms till nicely browned.
Put 2 sliced of Serano ham in a second , dry, frying pan
Pour a cup of chicken stock with the mushrooms  When the chicken stock is reduced to half add 200 ml cream
Put a handfull of pasta in the boiling water, cook as long as the packet says.
Turn the ham in time
When the mushroom sauce is nice and thick add some parsley and some grated parmesan cheese. Turn off the heat under the sauce.
Drain the pasta.
Serve as shown. A real autumn treat. The hard work being done by the man from the market, but you'll get the credits.

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