25 July 2012

Duckbreast curry, seasonal fruit

                                                        It was hot, 34 C outside. So I decided to 
                                                        cheat a bit and opened a pot of readymade Tikka
                                                        Masala. Cut half a yellow paprika into thin slices,
                                                        diced a carrot. Cooked them in the curry with
                                                        some yellow and green french beans. Whilst they
 simmered I scored the fatty side of a                        
 duckbreast . In a dry high teflon sauce pan I
 browned the duck, fatty side down for about 12
 mins on a medium flame. Be careful not to burn
 the fat. A lot of the fat melts, trow it away from
 time to time. Then brown the other side for 2 to 3
 mins. Wrap in alufoil and let the meat rest for
 05 mins, to keep the juices in. Slice the meat thinly and
 warm in the curry. Not having a mango I peeled some
 apricots  and a peach. Added some blackberries and 
 coriander, served with rice and some bread.

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