11 June 2012

Tapas 4

Cut some leftover chickenmeat in small pieces. Cut the white of a lemongrass finely, grate a tsp ginger. Mix with a teaspoon of soy-sauce, tsp of oystersauce, tsp of castersugar with a tbsp white wine vinegar. Marinate the meat in it for half a day or longer. Divide a celery stalk in 4 cm parts and cut these lengthwise  finely in strips. Do the same with a piece of paprika (bell pepper). At dinnertime mix the meat with the veggies. Dip a sheet of rice'paper' in hot (not boiling water. Dripdry. Put some coriander leaves on it. Wet a second sheet and use it to cover the first. Put 2 tbsp of the meatmix on one half of the ricepaper.Roll it as tight as possible for a bit. Then fold the sides inwards and continue rolling.
Boil some water and get a bamboo steaming basket on top. Steam for about 5 mins. Serve with sweet&sour sauce.

Grilled paprika, mushrooms, blue cheese, Brie, orange/ginger butter, basil-oil

Mackerel, cellery, grilled paprika

Beetroot, spring onion, Cumberland sausage, herb mayo (chervil, chives, tarragon)

Puff pastry, courgette, basil-oil, grilled paprika
with a mix off egg, cream, garlic and grated parmesan

Panfried ham&cheese sandwich

Caprese: tomatoes, Mozarella, basil-oil

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