3 June 2012

Lackered fish, brocolli cream, coconut foam

 We had 9-year old Nick for a week. His mother made us buy lots of brocolli and stuff. But of 
course he enjoyed pizza and hamburgers. When he went home yesterday we were left with the brocolli. With a fish from the freezer we could make this, inspired by Bernard Bach (Le Puits St. Jacques)

Begin with the brocolli. Remove the tough stem, boil al dente for 3 to 4 mins. Cool quickly in cold water with icecubes.

Then use a saucepan to reduce 2 tbsp balsamico and 1 small cube of sugar till just (otherwise you'll end up with toffee) syrupy. Add 5 tbsp soysauce and take off the heat. Mix 1/2 tsp Maizena with 2 tbsp water and add the balsamico/soy and whisk till coherent and syrupy. This will be used to laquer the fish.

Now get back to the brocolli: use the blender to liquidise with some liquid cream (the less you use, the greener it will stay) till nice and smooth. Re-heat later in a saucepan

Clean 12 mussels and boil in some white wine till they open
In the meantime quarter a small onion. Take the mussels out and keep warm and put the onion in the wine, till soft and falling apart

Season the fishfillets and fry, skinside down for about 3 mins in an almost dry pan.

In the meantime bring 50 cl liquid cream and 7o cl coconut milk to the boil. If you have, add some soy lecithine powder to stabilise. 
Off the heat use a handblender to whip up a foam.

Reheat the brocolli.
Laquer the fish and turn, fry another min.
Take some small skewers and thread onion and mussels on them as shown

Plating: begin with pouring a small circle of brocolli on the plates
The fish on top, skinside down. Add some more laquer
Finish with some coconut foam
Stick the skewers in the fish
(As we had some polenta 'fishfingers' left we fried them, but that did nothing to the dish)

Now some final words: as we were not satisfied with the foam we tried the recipe again, now with sea-trout (which was good). First of all we made the mistake of adding some reduced chickenstock to the brocolli to make it less bland. Tastewise it worked, but on the plates the stock seperated from the rest as you can see below. Also we still have to fix the foamproblem. When we do we will mention it here

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