8 May 2012

Some simple tapas

Zuchini, pecorino and...honey
Slice the zuchini, grill in a hot griddlepan, serve with grated pecorino cheese, drizzle with honey

    Mushrooms, shallots, blue cheese
    Slice the mushrooms, not too thin and the shallots. Fry in a little butter till just      
    browned. Put on the beard, cover with blue cheese and put under a hot grill till the cheese
    has melted. 

    Tomato, cheese and coppa
    Slice diaginally a French baguette. Put on sliced, if possible, black tomato, then some
    cheese. In the meantime fry some thinly sliced coppa or pancetta in a dry pan. Dry on   
    kitchen paper. Put on top of the cheese

    Mushrooms stuffed with broadbeans, crispy pancetta and blue cheese
    Brown the mushrooms in some butter, cook the broadbeans for 3 mins, fry the pacetta.  
    Stuff  everything in the mushrooms, cover with some blue cheese and put under a hot grill.

    Spanish ham, broadbeans, mustarddressing, parsley

    Shrimps, charmoula-mayonaise

    Asparagus, pancetta, blue cheese
    Cook some asparagus al dente and cut each in 3 parts. Fry pancetta crisp and dry on 
    kitchenpaper. Arrange asparagus in 2 small shallow ovendishes. Crumble blue cheese over
    it. Whisk  half an egg with some cream and pour over the asparagus. Add the pancetta. Put 
    in the hot (180C) oven for 15 mins.

    Thai shrimp and Basque mackerel
Small sausage rolls

We love the sausages from the English butcher on our market. Cumberland, Lincolnshire. These aremade from his chili and ginger sausages, as thick as a finger. We remove the skin. Cut them in 5 cm pieces and roll them in puff pastry. Cover them with a whisked egg and put them in a 200C oven for about 20 mins. Can be frozen. Yummie.

Fried potatoes, mushrooms, cheese, salsa

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