21 May 2012

Fish fillet, fried potatoes and some other stuff

Sometimes you do not want to go out shopping. Today I found a nice saithe fillet  (any firm fish will do) in the freezer. Rick Stein supplied an easy recipe, but we decided to fry the potatoes, forget the olives and to cook it all on the hob and not in the oven.

This is what we found in fridge, larder and garden: 
2 new potatoes
8 cherry tomatoes
3 sundried tomatoes
3 anchovies sliced in long strips
Fresh parsley and coriander

Cut the potatoes in wegdes and boil them in salted water for 10 mins. In the meantime do the cutting and slicing. Heat up the griddle pan and fry the potato-wedges, which will take another 10 mins. Let them cool a bit. Then fry the fillets in a frying pan, about 3 mins on each side (depends on the thickness). In the meantime put the rest of the ingredients with the potatoes to warm. Maybe add a little oil.
And that's all folks. Half an hour, tops (excl defrosting the fish of course)

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