17 October 2014

Sea trout, peas, carrots, horseradish

One day I had some leftover carrots and cut them into sticks, boiled them in orange juice and froze them. When I saw this recipe from Bryn Williams I remembered them and took them out.
Bring some chicken stock to the boil and add 2 small handfuls of frozen peas, boil for about 5 mins.
In a dry pan fry some shredded Spanish ham.
In a 3rd pan fry the sea trout, skin side down, in some butter and olive oil, for about 5 mins. Turn off the heat and turn the fish to cook the underside.
Drain the peas, but leave some liquid for a sauce, put back on the gas and whisk in some cold butter cubes, till sauce thickens. Then add 1 tbsp horseradish cream and some shredded Gem lettuce.
Serve as shown.
PS Should have cut the carrots into  small cubes? More elegant ...

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