12 December 2012

Lobstertail, basil pasta, tomatoes

When ordering a couple of live lobsters for Christmas I noticed my wonderful SuperU had a promotion of frozen lobstertails. Perfect to get already into the festive mood at todays lunch. This recipe is easy if you follow this blog and use your fridge and freezer.
The only thing I had to make from scratch was the classic Court Bouillon one needs to cook lobster.
Combine 1 liter of water, 2 dl white wine, 1 tbsp peppercorns, 10 cardamon pods, 1 tbsp anisseed, 1 tbsp salt, 6 sprigs of Thyme, 2 bay leafs, 1 onion incl skin, 1/2 a leek (the green part), 1 sellery stalk, 1/2 celeriac and 4 garlic cloves. Bring to the boil and simmer for about 20 mins. Pour trough a sieve and reheat.
In another pan boil a liter of water, take 2 tomatoes and hold them under water for 20 seconds, (keep the water for the pasta), cool them under cold water, take the skin off and de-seed. Cut the rest into small cubes.
Slice 1 shallot finely. Mix 1 tbsp vinegar with 3 tbsp olive-oil  and add some salt and pepper. Mix this with the tomatoes.
Of course you have some reduced prawn stock in your freezer. De-freeze about 20 cl with a good glug of liquid cream and a timble of Pernod. Bring chiefly to the boil and you have the sauce ready.
Take the basil-oil you keep in the fridge to make it liquid again.
Almost done.
Bring both the court bouillon and the water to the boil. Put 2 lobstertails, still frozen, in the bouillon and cook for 11 minutes. Cook the pasta in the water ( I only had papardelle, but tagliatelli would have been nicer).
Cut the lobstermeat in 3 mm slices and divide on the bottom of a serving ring, followed by the pasta that you have mixed with the basil-oil. Press well and finish with the tomato cubes. Pres again. Serve as shown with the sauce. 
After lunch freeze the court bouillon and also the lobster peelings, to make another stock later.

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